What is Tilt-Wall Construction?

April 25, 2022

In the world of construction, there are many different methods and approaches to constructing buildings. One of these methods is tilt-wall construction. While there are different kinds, tilt-wall construction, at its basic level, involves slabs of concrete called panels, which are cast horizontally and then tilted in place with a crane.

Tilt-wall construction offers both schedule and cost advantages over alternative construction methods. It serves as both the perimeter structure as well as the façade, while other methods require multiple components.

Plenty of building types can use tilt-wall construction, but warehouse structures especially utilize this method due to its robust and stout nature, as opposed to a pre-engineered metal building. Low-rise office structures also commonly use tilt-wall construction.

Hill & Wilkinson has completed a variety of tilt-wall construction projects, including manufacturing facilities, office buildings, car dealerships, and more.

Hill & Wilkinson has completed many projects using this method of construction including the HQ53 Office. This 250,000 sf, five-story office was constructed using tilt-wall panels that spanned the full height of the building. The average height of each tilt-wall panel was over 80 feet tall, providing a seamless appearance on all elevations. Tilt-wall buildings are normally constructed with a four-story tilt-wall panel with another one-story panel stacked on top. However, this building was uniquely built with single, solid, tilt-wall panels.

Another unique aspect of this building was the many spandrel panels that could not be installed until structural steel installation was completed. A typical tilt-wall building requires the installation of all panels before structural steel. However, because of these spandrel pieces, the field team had to coordinate the site logistics to ensure there was enough space around the building to pour these panels and install them later in the schedule when the structure was ready to receive them.

Hill & Wilkinson is an industry-leading expert in tilt-wall construction. Visit our portfolio to see examples of our work and contact us to learn more!