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Building Meaningful Relationships

We are strong believers in the power of internship to gain valuable experience and help with important decisions about a future career. We want our interns to build meaningful relationships with us, regardless of where their futures take them.

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Summer Internship Program

Every summer, we host a number of college interns from local, state and out-of-state colleges who fill roles in field management as well as corporate services. Over the course of the summer, our interns gain valuable experience in the methods and practices of the construction industry as well as build long-lasting professional relationships. It is our sincere hope that whether their future lies with us or somewhere else, their internship will produce knowledge and insight that will go with them into their professional future.

Internship Benefits

One of the hallmarks of the H&W summer intern program is our commitment to making our interns feel welcome and at home. Whether you are visiting from out-of-state or live nearby, we strive to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. Our internships include compensation based on competitive market value, offer a guaranteed 40-hours of work per week and are overtime eligible. During the interview process, we will evaluate any need for living arrangement assistance and may provide fully furnished apartments for interns that are traveling to us from out of state. You will be given paid holidays in addition to a variety of perks like participation in our onsite boot camps and wellness activities, as well as community and charitable events. We want to give you the support you need to have a great summer and come away with a better idea of where you want to be in the future.


Meet Levi Perry

H&W Assistant Project Manager

Alma Mater
Northern Michigan University
Joined H&W
2015 (including internship)
How did you become interested in a career in construction?
Growing up, I had a part-time landscaping job, and I loved working with my hands and seeing physical results. Construction allows me to do that on a much larger scale.
How do you think an internship helped you make a decision about your future?
During my internship, I was exposed to exactly what goes on every day, and I loved it. And loving what you do is really important in picking a career.