What's Your Path?


Skill Development

At H&W, cross-training between departments is encouraged to develop new skill sets and give employees the opportunity to take on completely different roles. We strongly believe in capitalizing on the talents and passions of employees to ensure they are filling the positions that suit them best.


Exciting Career Options

A number of exciting career paths are available at H&W in everything from field management to corporate services. If you’re interested in the costs involved in the building process, estimating might be for you. If you want to be a part of bringing projects to life or managing schedules and budgets, a field management track might be for you. Or, if you have a passion for ensuring that construction operations remain safe and everyone goes home to their families every night, a career in safety management might be for you. Whatever your interests, H&W will help you explore the opportunities available to you and help you build a lasting and meaningful career in construction.


Career Development for Our Military

We have a long history of creating career opportunities for active, reserve, and retired servicemen and women. The strong leadership skills and understanding of teamwork that are cultivated through service are a natural fit for our business. We provide a variety of career paths and training for those transitioning from active military to civilian life. Differential compensation is offered to eligible employees as well as unaffected vacation accrual for those who are on qualified military leave. From foremen and project engineers, to superintendents, project managers, and estimators, there are a wide range of job opportunities for any interest.

"I’m so thankful I found an employer that is committed to supporting service members like myself. Hill & Wilkinson helped me tremendously with transitions to and from deployment and has given me the chance to improve my skills and move up in the company."

- Nick Houdek, U.S. Air Force Reserve & H&W Project Manager

"If you want to succeed at Hill & Wilkinson, the training and opportunities are available, and they are behind you encouraging you to succeed. It’s a work environment that is structured, challenging and rewarding."

- Kevin Sellers, U.S. Army Sergeant, Retired, & Senior Vice President of Estimating


Meet Nick Houdek

H&W Project Manager

Military Branch & Service
United States Air Force | 2003-Present | Master Sergeant E7
Joined H&W
What is attractive to service members and veterans about careers in construction?
There are so many skill sets that can be used and learned in this industry. There is something for everyone.
What advice would you give someone transitioning from military service to a civilian career?
The military taught you to be trainable, to work well in a team environment, and to complete goals. Focus on these as your greatest assets in a civilian career.
What is your favorite thing about what you do?
Every project leaves behind a permanent structure or improvement that is a tangible reminder of what we're capable of as a team.