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Important Announcement Regarding Insurance Compliance

Hill & Wilkinson (H&W) now requires your company to provide only one (1) annual certificate of insurance providing blanket coverage for all H&W jobs you are contracted to work. Certificates of insurance issued for each project are no longer required or accepted.

Under the blanket annual certificate system, subcontractors are placed into categories by trade and must provide a valid certificate of insurance showing coverages and limits of that trade’s category and as detailed in the insurance provisions of your Subcontract Agreement. This includes providing any requested endorsements and other policy information needed to verify compliance.

Some subcontractors may have scopes of work on certain jobs requiring coverages in addition to standard coverages (e.g., Design scopes require proof of Professional Liability). Please review your Subcontract Agreement and its insurance exhibit if you have any questions about the requirements.

Please upload your company’s annual certificate and the following endorsements to the following website: If you do not already have login credentials, they will be sent to you from the system. If you have any questions, please send an email to:


  • GL - Additional Insured for On Going & Completed Operations (CG 2010/2037 10 01 required), Waiver of Subrogation, Primary/ Non-Contributory, 30 Day Notice of Cancellation in favor of third parties (H&W)
  • Auto – Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, Primary/ Non-Contributory
  • WC – Waiver of Subrogation
Note: additional endorsements or other policy information may be required to verify coverage.

H&W will continue to use ICA to verify compliance. ICA has our full authority to collect and monitor the insurance compliance of our subcontractors and vendors. Once a certificate is reviewed, ICA may contact your agent directly to confirm compliance, request any endorsements or policy changes needed to meet requirements and will continue to monitor compliance throughout the year.

Please note: H&W reserves the right to withhold all payments until compliance with contract insurance requirements is met.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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