Serving Organizations that are Making a Difference

Committed to Every Employee's Health and Well-Being

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"We believe it's our responsibility to share our success with the community and with organizations that are doing good."

PAUL DRISCOLL | Chairman of the Board
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"It's very important for every employee to be mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, and our Wellness at Work program helps them achieve that."


Award-Winning Culture

A lot of employers “say” they have a great work-place culture, but we actually do. Learn why Hill & Wilkinson is consistently and repeatedly voted one of the top 10 “Best Places to Work” by both the Austin and Dallas Business Journals and the Dallas Morning News.



Making a Positive Impact

We are dedicated to serving organizations that are making a difference in our community. One of our core company values is community service, which means we encourage every employee to take time to give back, often out of their workday. Each year, we sponsor a number of activities such as 5K walk/runs, toy and supply drives, and volunteering, and we ask our employees to join us in these efforts.

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Work Hard And Have Fun

Simply put, we believe in finding the fun in everything we do. Since more time is spent in the workplace than at home, we want our employees to feel like they are a family. We truly believe that happy employees will transfer that happiness at every point of business.


Wellness at Work


Wellness and maintaining a work-life balance is an important part of our unique culture. The Dallas Business Journal and Austin Business Journal have both recognized our commitment to wellness by naming us the #1 Healthiest Place to Work for medium-sized companies for multiple years. Our “Wellness at Work” program is designed to keep participants interested and engaged on a long-term basis. Our philosophy is to address our employee’s overall well-being in the areas of career, social, financial, physical, and mental to help them live the best life possible.

Pursuing Personal Growth

We established personal growth as one of our core company values to underscore the importance of continuous improvement. We provide a variety of learning opportunities for our employees and have designed a training program with this goal at the forefront.