After working with Hill & Wilkinson for over twenty years, I am honored to say that you have worked well with us and made our work and personal relationship productive and rewarding. You perform on a professional level at all times and each project has been completed with overall satisfaction. We look forward to the same camaraderie and partnership in the future.

- Ken Hollins, Ennis Steel

In all these years of working with H&W, I’ve always been treated with respect, fairly, and as a partner. I've noticed, too, that the same holds true with everyone else associated with the projects. It’s been a privilege to be part of the team.

- Bill Riggins, Riggins Moreland Engineering, Inc.

What makes a general contractor a valued project leader, especially for a subcontractor, is one who looks out for the best interest of the project, that respects and values input from a highly qualified team of subcontractors and suppliers, is ten steps ahead in planning and mitigating issues before they arise, and that put great emphasis on efficiency, value to the owner and a safe workplace. And that IS what Hill & Wilkinson provides, day in and day out. We highly value our relationship with Hill & Wilkinson, knowing that their projects yield a safe, profitable, value added experience for all members of the project team.

- Jeff Harris, United Mechanical

Texas Sprinkler’s first project with Hill & Wilkinson was a Toys R' Us 30 years ago in 1986. We have enjoyed watching Hill & Wilkinson grow into the company they are today, and Texas Sprinkler is very proud to be part of a very successful company!

- Terry Button, Texas Sprinkler

I began working with H&W in 1995 when they were a small general contractor. Our relationship has continued to flourish over the last two decades starting with my previous employer through me starting my own business and them growing into the company they are today. Over that time, I have developed great working relationships, as well as personal relationships with both field and office team members. The way H&W conducts business is a perfect fit for our business model, as we typically seek clients who are looking for high quality performance and integrity.

- Cam Welch, Sterling Roof Systems

Hill & Wilkinson's approach and commitment to team building is what sets them apart. They consistently bring the best subcontractors to the table and manage that team towards one common goal - giving the client the best product possible, delivered on time and in budget.

- Wesley Wallace, Venture Mechanical

Hill & Wilkinson has always focused on treating all their subcontractors fairly by doing the right thing from preconstruction to construction on every job. This produces win/win projects each time. Lasco is grateful to have Hill & Wilkinson as a partner in our industry.

- Robbie Ketch, Lasco

Fabulous Floors is proud to be a partner with Hill & Wilkinson. From estimating to project management and all the way to the field superintendents, Hill & Wilkinson understands that success depends on trusted relationships and teamwork.

- Jake Page, Fabulous Floors


  • 5-Time American Subcontractors Association Outstanding General Contractor
  • 6-Time American Subcontractors Association Outstanding Project Award

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