The Hill & Wilkinson Experience

June 28, 2024

Over the past three years we have had the privilege of working on a $122 million additions and renovation project at J.J. Pearce High School, marking both our first project with Richardson ISD and our largest project to date. During this journey   we have been continually reminded of something core to our business – that relationships are the most special thing that we build. Our clients are the most important part of what we do, and also the reason behind what we do. We don’t take that lightly, which is why 80% of our clients are repeat clients. We are always looking to not only foster these long-standing relationships, but forge new ones and allow them to flourish, like our partnership with Richardson ISD. We recently had the honor of hearing from Richardson ISD Executive Director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, Le Korte, on her experience working with Hill & Wilkinson.

“We as a district knew that the renovation of J.J. Pearce was going to be a huge, huge undertaking. It’s a lot of public money to invest in a building of this magnitude. The team’s done a very good job of trying to forecast what these issues are, address the problem, and always be really open and communicative with the district and with the personnel on staff. They’ve been very good at not just presenting an issue, but also a solution for it.”

With so many stakeholders involved in this large project, our team focused on communication and collaboration with more people than ever. We have been very lucky to form such meaningful relationships with the people of J.J. Pearce and Richardson ISD.

“We have a lot of general contractors in our school district, and they do well,” Korte said. “But Hill & Wilkinson definitely has that spark. You can feel they’re more family-oriented, and that’s what draws us to them. I would recommend Hill & Wilkinson to others. They’re a good team, always communicative with us, they put their best foot forward, they’re always very professional, and they do what they can to get the job done.”

At Hill & Wilkinson we are dedicated to ensuring that we leave each and every client better than we found them. From preconstruction through punch list closeout, our top priority is to deliver a uniquely enjoyable experience by leveraging the exceptional culture of our field teams. Watch the video below to hear Le Korte describe the Hill & Wilkinson experience in her own words.