National Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight – Sochil Perez

September 24, 2021

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Employee Spotlight: Sochil Perez

What country is your family from?


What is one of your favorite cultural traditions that your family celebrates?

My favorite tradition would have to be El Dia de Los Reyes Magos (three Kings Day), which we celebrate on January 6th.

How do you celebrate a special occasion? What types of foods are cooked and which is your favorite?

We celebrate special occasions with lots of delicious food, family, and music. We usually have tamales and pozole. My favorite food would be tamales.

Which H&W Value most resonates with you?

I would say the value that resonates most with me is Community.

How many years have you worked with H&W?

I have been with H&W for 14 years.

What languages are spoken at home?

We speak both English and Spanish in our household (my daughters also speak Chinese but I am still trying to learn 😊).

Who is your favorite Hispanic author/artist?

It’s hard to choose but I would say my favorite Hispanic artist is Frida Kahlo with Diego Rivera being a very close second.

Name a place from your country that you wish people could experience.

A place I wish people could experience would be Mexico City. It has great food, beautiful historic buildings, and this is also close to the amazing ancient Aztec Pyramids.

Name your favorite place to eat authentic Hispanic food in DFW.

Cuquita’s Restaurant- I have been going to this restaurant for several years. My favorite thing about this restaurant is that they have fresh handmade corn tortillas.