National Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight – Lorenzo Narro

September 29, 2021

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Employee Spotlight: Lorenzo Narro

What country is your family from?

Mexico; Saltillo Coahuila; Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua.

What is one of your favorite cultural traditions that your family celebrates?

Día de las Madres, always on May 10.

How do you celebrate a special occasion?


What types of foods are cooked and which is your favorite?

Mole, Guisos, Barbacoa, Menudo, Tamales, Bistecs, Pozole, Gorditas, Tacos, Enchiladas, Flautas, Mariscos, caldo de res o de Pollo, milanesas carne asada, fajita tablitas, Borracho Beans Arroz. Aguas frescas frutas flan, Tres Leches cake, pan dulce, café champurrado.

What languages are spoken at home?

English & Spanish

What is your favorite Hispanic author/artist?

Comedian: Roberto Gómez Bolaños – Chespirito

Musicians: José Alfredo Jiménez, Cuco Sánchez, and Ramón Ayala

Name a place from your country that you wish people could experience.

I haven’t been but I would say Los Cabos.

Name your favorite place to eat authentic Hispanic food in DFW.

Los Tapatíos in Cedar Hill, TX and Chitos in Frisco TX. La Hechizera is good too.

How many years have you worked with H&W?

5 years

Which H&W Value most resonates with you?

Respect – Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Very important in Mexican culture.