National Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight – Jocelyn Martinez

September 30, 2021

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Employee Spotlight: Jocelyn Martinez

What country is your family from?


Name 3 elements of your culture that are most important to you?

We take great pride in our traditions, family, and our faith.

 What is one of your favorite cultural traditions that your family celebrates?

One of my favorite cultural traditions that my family celebrates is Dia de las Madres.

How do you celebrate a special occasion? What types of foods are cooked and which is your favorite?

A special occasion usually calls for a family gathering accompanied by music and a cookout with fajitas, costillas, chicken, charro beans, and pico de gallo. I love cooking the sides that we enjoy at the cookouts. We also enjoy mole, guisado de Puerco, caldo de res, pozole and tamales. My favorite is mole and rice.

Which H&W Value most resonates with you?

Respect. I believe respect plays a very important role in our lives. We are taught at a very young age to respect our elders, but it truly goes beyond that. I believe that if one has respect for others, all other values will come along with it.

How many years have you worked with H&W?

I have been with Hill & Wilkinson for 2 months.

What languages are spoken at home?

We speak English and Spanish.

Who is your favorite Hispanic author/artist?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Salvador Dali

Name a place from your country that you wish people could experience.
I haven’t yet visited, but I am amazed by the beauty of Tulum located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Name your favorite place to eat authentic Hispanic food in DFW.

Cuquita’s Restaurant- We dine at this restaurant often, I really love that they make fresh handmade corn tortillas. My favorite!