Margaritaville and the Value of Fun

June 30, 2022

If you’ve been around Hill & Wilkinson long enough, you know that the summer isn’t complete without our annual Margaritaville celebration. After two years without this event in-person due to the pandemic, we were finally able to put on our favorite Hawaiian shirts and welcome summer together with our most anticipated event of the year at both our Richardson and Central Texas Offices.

In Austin, our Central Texas Office celebrates Margaritaville with a boat party; complete with food, swimming, a slide, and of course, margaritas. Plus, there was a pretty spectacular view of Lake Travis.

Back at the Richardson Office, folks enjoyed live music, games, food, and, you guessed it…margaritas. The stakes were high as individuals competed in everyone’s favorite margarita-making contest, watermelon-eating contest, and the nail-biting corn hole tournament.

Culture is a core value in who we are as a company, and Margaritaville is just a part of what we do to instill this value throughout the fabric of Hill & Wilkinson. We have a Fun Committee that is responsible for coming up with exciting events and ideas throughout the year. Whitney Bietendorf is Hill & Wilkinson’s Engagement Manager, and she plays an important role in making Fun Committee events a success.

“If you’re not having fun at work, then it’s just a job,” Whitney said. “Because of that, we host events every month throughout the year that our employees can look forward to. My favorite part of my job is seeing how much fun everyone is having at all our events.”

All of this to say, at Hill & Wilkinson, we believe in finding the fun in everything we do. Since more time is spent in the workplace than at home, we want to make sure everyone in the H&W family is having a good time, even at work. While working hard is important, we’ve found that the happiest employees are the most successful ones. Having fun and celebrating each other’s successes is a key part of our culture, and at the root of every success is a team of hard-working people.