H&W’s “Play-Go” House for Dallas CASA

July 26, 2022

July 15, 2022 marked the beginning of Dallas CASA’s 27th Annual Parade of Playhouses, featuring a unique and stunning design from our very own Hill & Wilkinson design team. The team, featuring Chad Anderson, Jonathan Galloway, Trevor Roberts, Ryan McCarthy, and Jeff Harris, created the Play-Go house as one of the many playhouses that will be raffled off for people to take home.

Dallas CASA is a charity foundation dedicated to advocating for children in protective custody of the state. The Parade of Houses, showcased in the NorthPark Center, is an annual fundraiser where custom-designed playhouses designed by local architects and contractors are raffled off. Our H&W team put many hours into making the construction of this fun, nostalgic playhouse a success.

Business Development Manager Andrew Henry said, “The Play-Go House’s inspiration, while obvious to most, came from the design team reflecting on each of their childhood experiences, and it was clear that each team member remembered their love of LEGO. The design for the playhouse then migrated from something you experience on the inside to a creative structure to experience from the outside, just as many of us experienced our Lego creations – from the outside. Our goal was to create a dynamic structure that would challenge the children’s creativity as they develop their own ways to experience the structure.”

You can attend the annual Parade of Playhouses to not only see the one-of-a-kind LEGO playhouse, but also see the many other playhouses showcased by Dallas CASA. The parade is held inside NorthPark Center in Dallas until July 31st. 

This project would not have been possible without the help of Kimley-Horn Ace Decor, Lundy, SR Equipment, Paragon Sports Construction, and Murry-Ward Contracting. The H&W team’s commitment to a unique design concept, several long nights, and an impressive build is a testament to our commitment to living out the H&W Way.