Professional & Personal Growth

We believe that continuous growth is one of the most important components of a successful career. H&W employees are encouraged to explore a wide range of educational resources and are given our support to pursue learning opportunities. A wide range of classes are offered in our on-site training facilities with topics that range from software and computer skills, communication and safety, to personal topics such as supporting aging parents, wellness, and financial planning.

"We invest in the continuous growth of our employees both personally and professionally, and we encourage them to take advantage of every learning opportunity that is presented. "

Expanding Opportunities

We are always looking for ways to expand training opportunities for employees including off-site training partnerships with local universities and professional organizations. We partner with The University of Texas at Dallas to offer leadership courses for our mid and high level managers. We also have an ongoing relationship with Dale Carnegie to offer classes targeting confidence, poise and better communication. Construction Management degree tracks are offered through the Construction Education Foundation (CEF) and partnering colleges, as well as courses offered through the AGC and TEXO. Cross-training between departments is encouraged to develop new skill sets and give employees the opportunity to learn and experience different roles. We strongly believe in capitalizing on the talents and passions of employees to ensure they are filling the positions that suit them best.