Sergio DeAraujo

Vice President - Preconstruction Services

Sergio has been in the construction industry for nearly two decades. He has been in roles ranging from Office Engineer, Assistant Estimator, Estimator, Senior Estimator, Chief Estimator, to now Vice President. Sergio’s focus on estimating has been in the commercial, healthcare, and hospitality industries. He has a proven track record of successful projects that are within budget and on time. He brings much experience in cost management to maintain project integrity and appearance while achieving client goals.

Fun Facts

  • In Sergio‚Äôs spare time, you can catch him at the hockey rink with his children between games and practices.
  • When Sergio has some down time, he enjoys going on cruises with his family.
  • Decked out in maroon and gold, Sergio can turn any conversation into a spirited discussion about the latest Arizona State football game.